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Customer Testimonials About AIR Associates Services

Our A/R for auto accidents was out of control, we were not filing liens and it was taking sometimes up to a year to get paid on a claim. A lot of times the patient was getting the payment and not paying us. We partnered with Air Processing and have gotten our A/R under control, we have been able to get paid timely and have increased our cash flow.

Jessica G. Clark
Patient Financial Services Director, Elbert Memorial Hospital

We are extremely pleased with AIR Associates. They are very timely in claims processing and provide great customer service. Since we started using AIR Associates, we have seen tremendous improvement in our collection efforts.

Jared Whipkey, Chief Financial Officer Barrow Regional Medical Center

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Air Processing and Susan Brown for some time now at Northridge Medical Center. When I first met her I was skeptical that anyone could find more money out of our Emergency Room, but they sure proved me wrong. Calling our self-pay patients and checking for insurance is not easy but they do it seamlessly and with no interruption to the daily work flow. I would recommend them to anyone looking to reduce that ER Bad Debt.

Lynn J.Cheramie III
Director of Operations
Compass Health Systems, LLC